Meet the Kapetanov Family

The Kapetanovs long to one day be blessed with children to grow their loving family. They have tried for years and had multiple unsuccessful in vitro procedures, which led to debt accumulation, heartache, and frustration. They are excited to start their family through adoption.

family-photoCory and Kylee Kapetanov are from South Ogden, UT. They enjoy caring for their sweet, gentle, and monstrous Great Dane, Thor, and are a very energetic, supportive, and loving couple.

They are passionate about biking, Cory on his motorcycle and Kylee on her road bike, which helps them be an active part of their community. They love traveling and look forward to being able to continue to do this with their children.

“We…love experiencing new things and traveling really allows us to do that. We’ve been blessed to be able to travel within and outside the United States, experiencing different cultures, foods, and lifestyles. It’s truly amazing to see how people live and interact in different areas of the world. We want to continue to do this with our family, which allows great teaching opportunities, and shows that as humans, we all love, hurt, strive, and enjoy life. It may just be that we all do it different ways, but in the end, we all experience these. Being able to provide a ‘wide’ and ‘deep’ perspective of life is something we cherish very much.”
-Cory Kapetanov


Your financial and emotional support will help them in starting their family through the adoption process. Thank you for helping their dream of having a family become a reality!